Do We Want Our Kids To Live Longer or Not?

Are we proud of the truth? Is this the way we want our nation to be like?!?!?! Every year the number increases and increases and increases and increases. And then what, is our population going to just stop growing from death and disease? A new report by CDC shows that childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past thirty years. Obesity in children ages 6-11 has increased to over 18%. While ages 2-19 has increased to a horrific 21%. This isn’t even the worst part. Over 70% of obese children ages 5-17 years are at risk for cardiovascular disease. Children with diabetes are most likely to go on and and be obese in adulthood; which could result in various types of cancer, stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and many more. Is this ¬†the American dream? Is the idea of coming to America, becoming obese, getting diseases, and dying earlier than others the reason why so many people come to America? No, it is absolutely not! We let these billion and trillion dollar companies advertise and feed our nations children the most greasy and ¬†unhealthy food on the planet. I may only be sixteen, but I still care for the younger generation and the ones to follow. We can prevent obesity in very simple steps. We should encourage physical fitness more than we do other things, like video games and watching television. In addition, we should encourage kids to eat healthy. Schools are the most important to this cause. They should look at the food they server and see if it is truly something healthy. Also, schools need to start educating kids and showing them the dangers of obesity very early in their lives. These basic steps are ones that we can all contribute to. Thanks for reading!