Can We Control Our Emotions?

Photo by GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare

Photo by GollyGforce – Living My Worst Nightmare

Humans are not able to control their emotions; they become too controlled by them. Emotions are “a conscious mental reaction subjectively experienced as strong feelings usually directed toward a specific object” (Emotions). Emotions are reactions caused by the brain due to a specific event. I feel that people are controlled by their emotions. Emotions help people make decisions, however, it can cause someone to something they can regret. In addition, people don’t usually realize how their emotions caused them to react until later on in time, it is hard to cope and understand emotions, and there are ways to learn to control your emotions.

First, people usually don’t realize how they reacted to something until later on. This idea relates to both joy, sadness, and anger. Emotions are an instant reaction from the brain which causes a person to react without thinking. This could be harmful if the emotion created is anger because it could cause a person to do something they might regret for the rest of their life. An example is when the main character in The Stranger gets into an argument with an Arab. The main character immediately stabs and kills the Arab. He later realizes what he has done, but doesn’t know why he killed the man. This shows that the main character let his emotions get the best of him and control him. It is hard for people to detect their emotions right away. Later on, they are able to reflect and then understand what they did. They still can’t understand why they did certain things because it is just an instant reaction of emotions controlling you.  However, people say that letting emotions control can help you more hurt you because emotions make the world from being monotonous. This is true because emotions help people make decisions. Also, emotions make people who they are and not like the rest of the people. Letting emotions control happiness can be beneficial because it can help someone enjoy the experience. According to the survey I conducted, a majority of the people said that it is hard to control their emotions when they are angry. People should try to think in a situation where they are becoming angry. People don’t recognize their emotions until they get time to reflect on what happened.

Secondly, it is hard for people to cope with their emotions. Humans that have mental breakdowns are usually filled with too many emotions. They are too overwhelmed by all the emotions, which causes them to explode. What I found out from my interview was that when people are too overwhelmed by their emotions, they become confused and don’t know how to react. This causes the person to become stressful and release their emotions in ways that could harm them, such as through violence. Not being able to cope and understand emotions and then releasing them through violence can cause others to be hurt. Others can be hurt because the person who tries to cope with their emotions might say something hurtful or do something physically to try to calm themselves down; this is not intentional, it just happens naturally. Dr. Jeremy Sherman says in his article that people become rushed by a load of mixed emotions because they don’t know how to interpret the situation. The person doesn’t know what to do, so they become too stressed, causing themselves to let their emotions run free and control them. Furthermore, my survey showed that many people felt that it was hard for them to control their emotions because they didn’t know how to deal with them and think clearly. It caused them to let their emotions get the best of them. However, people feel that humans don’t need to learn how to understand emotions because they need emotions. But, learning how to cope with our emotions can help us from being lost and hurting ourselves when we are too filled with feelings. Learning to cope with emotions is something people need to learn to do.

Thirdly, there are ways for people to learn how to emotions to stop them from taking over them and forcing them to do something they might regret in the future. I found out from my survey that people felt that they could find ways to control their emotions if they were taught a way. In addition, my interviewee told me that a person must think practically when they are in a situation where their emotions are trying to take over their body. People need to stop and think about how they feel before they react to a situation. Dr. Jeremy Sherman says that people should try to calm themselves when they are too overwhelmed  by their emotions. Once the person is calmed down, they will know how to deal with and overcome emotions that are harmful for them to express.

In conclusion, I feel that people are controlled by their emotions.Humans need to express their emotions because that is the difference between humans and robots. However, people should learn how to cope with and deal with their emotions to stop their emotions from controlling them. In addition, they should always understand that emotions are a reaction by the brain. Their might be an occasion where the emotions will get the best of them. The goal of a person should be to lessen the occurrences of emotional control over the body. People should always remember to calm themselves before making a decision; they should remember to think practically. People don’t realize how emotions caused them to react until later on, they don’t know how to cope with their emotions, and they just need to learn how to control their emotions. Learning to control emotions is a difficult, but possible goal to reach for anyone.