Personal Struggles

You know when you’re in one, but once you make it through you begin to realize that your situation wasn’t so bad.


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The History of Today

1776.  That’s a very easy date to remember.  The call for liberty in the face of tyranny and oppression was broadcasted from America to countries across the globe, metaphorically of course.  In 1910, the first public radio signal was actually broadcasted to the American public.  Not even 100 years later, the Internet debuted in 1992 in America and has made this all possible.

CC Wikipedia

CC Wikipedia

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I can’t imagine a better place to live in than California.

20150311_190040  This image was taken from my neighborhood park on a regular afternoon at dusk.  Images such as these seem to occur almost daily and in fact, I have become almost impartial to sunsets.  This goes to show that I witness nature’s beauty almost every single day of the week.  Not only is Californian scenery beautiful, but the climate in Southern California is amazing.  For me, below 60 degrees is a jacket day.  I don’t mean to rub it in, but while many states across the east are packed in during a snow storm, I am sitting in my backyard soaking up the sun watching my avocados grow.  The difference between California in the “winter” (we don’t really have winter out here) and other areas of the country is astounding.   For example, I can go swim in the ocean in January while people in New York are stuck in a blizzard.


This beautiful image was engraved into the sand by a receding bundle of kelp.  Things like this don’t happen very often in Oklahoma, do they?  Montana?  Nope.  On a nice winter day, I went running at the beach without a shirt and I managed to get a little tan whilst not freezing to death.  Try doing that in Chicago in the thick of the winter.

Anyways, back to the sunset.

neighbor sun

I hope my neighbor doesn’t mind me taking a picture of their house without asking, but it was for the sake of beauty!!!  Notice the reflection of the sunset in the house’s window.  That was the first time I had ever seen such a reflection, so I thought it was worthy of a picture.


As the sun sets on this blog post, I remind myself how lucky I am to be living in California.  I can enjoy time at the beach virtually whenever I want, and I can watch sunsets almost every day as well.  Being a Californian will perhaps spoil me for the rest of my life if I live elsewhere, but I have to say that I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else right now.


The Piano

We have all played it, some of us better than others, but everyone has probably played a piano in their lives whether they possess musical talent or not.  The piano has been a cornerstone of music and it can be heard in a variety of music genres.

Hey look, it's a piano!

Hey look, it’s a piano!

Breaking the cliche, pianos do not come in all shapes and sizes.  All pianos come equipped with 88 keys; a bunch of white ones and less than a bunch of black ones.  When the key is pressed, the string inside the piano is struck, causing it to vibrate and make the audible noise that is called a note.  The length of the string determines the frequency, or pitch of the sound.  The shorter the string, the higher the frequency.  Pressing down hard on a key will cause the string to be struck quickly and with more intensity.  This produces a louder sound.  The opposite applies as well; striking the key softly will create a softer sound.  Music contains much more science than you think.  In fact, I learned how about how sounds are made in physics class, not art class.

Now, this may look like a piano, but it really is not an authentic piano.

Hey look- wait, that isn't a piano?

Hey look- wait, that isn’t a piano?

This is what is called a keyboard.  This particular keyboard comes with only 55 keys, unlike the piano’s full 88.  When the keys are struck they do not cause a string to vibrate, instead they cause data to be played.  When the C note is struck on the keyboard, the data is sent from the key to the keyboard’s data center where the sound is played through the speakers.  This sending of data is called MIDI.  Don’t ask me what that stands for because I don’t know, for all intensive purposes it isn’t even an acronym, but it relates to the sending of data.  The keyboard in the picture can be used to play digital instruments using music software.  The same transfer of data is used.  Let’s say I’m using music software such as Ableton Live.  Inside the music program, I have chosen to play an electric guitar instrument.  Well, I don’t have an electric guitar, but because the music software knows exactly how an electric guitar sounds, when I have my keyboard connected to my computer, I can play the electric guitar with my keyboard.  It’s quite fascinating actually.  When you’re listening to a song with synth keys in it, the synths were most likely played with a keyboard.

Well, I hope you’ve learned a little bit about how piano sounds are made and what the difference is between a piano and a keyboard.  Thanks for reading!


Why Should I Go To College?

This shouldn’t be a question in my mind.  My question should be, “Which college should I go to?”  Yet, I have lagged on pursuing my future and I need to make a firm decision on what I am going to do in the next stage of my life.  So, why should I go to college?

The question in my mind is: "should I scoop all the ice cream into a bowl, or should I eat it straight from the container?

The question in my mind is: “should I scoop all the ice cream into a bowl, or should I eat it straight from the container?

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