Does Anyone In the East Pose a Threat To LeBron’s Reign?

Over the past five years, multiple teams have attempted to take down a LeBron led team and represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. During that time period, every single team has failed and it doesn’t seem like there is much of an opportunity for that to change in the upcoming years. Throughout the past couple years we watched as the Indiana Pacers rose to the top two years in a row only to lose to LeBron and the Heat in the conference finals both times. Before that it was the Chicago Bulls lead by Derrick Rose, the youngest MVP of all time, but they too were quickly dispatched by the Heat. This year, LeBron returned to a young but talented Cleveland roster and they essentially walked to the Finals, only losing two games in the whole postseason. They faced a young and inexperienced Boston Celtics who are multiple years away from credibility. They faced temporary struggles against Chicago as they adjusted to a setting without Kevin Love, who was injured for the remainder of the postseason, but even Chicago proved to be too injured and broken to pose a serious threat to The King’s throne. And finally they closed it out against the sensational Atlanta Hawks who had a franchise record 60 wins, but the Hawks team basketball philosophy proved ineffective against the force of LeBron as the Cavaliers swept the Hawks. It just seems that nowhere in the Eastern Conference is there a team with enough talent to face LeBron. Milwaukee and Orlando?Perhaps in a couple years but not quite yet. The Miami Heat could have a chance to pull it together, like the Indiana Pacers, but both teams have faced devastating injuries with their team’s star players. Year after year LeBron rises out of the East only to be crushed by the Western Conference competition, that seems to get deeper every single year, shown by LeBron’s 2-3 record in the Finals, with a strong likelihood he will be 2-4 as they face a historically strong squad in the Golden State Warriors. While the conferences stand the way they are, it could be many years before we see an NBA Finals without LeBron James playing out of the East.


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