6 Reasons Not to Trust the Media

Websites like Yahoo, MSN, Huffington Post, CNN, etc. do not really care if you are aware of domestic or international topics.

1. The media simply want more views for more revenue. The larger the traffic will result in a larger profit. They create intriguing titles and images so that many people will click on the link and go to the article.

2. The press is monopolized and few corporations control a large share of the mass media. This limits diversity and gives too much power to each of the large companies.

3. The government has strong ties with the media. We believe in freedom of the press, but fail to realize that the government is still able to monitor and object to content and this could affect what the citizens see.

4. Far too much of today’s media focuses on celebrity news and events. They think that writing a title that draws interest but is not based off of fact will attract a lot of views. For example, “Beyoncé’s dazzling, curve-hugging dress” or “Strangest Kate Middleton portrait we may ever see” or even articles about Justin Bieber’s recent DUI arrest all supposedly get a lot of traffic.

5. Facts are not always checked and reporters are not always accurate on the topics in which they speak about.

6 Too many articles are opinionated and with not enough facts. This includes speculation and it does not fulfill the need for unbiased information to be available to the general public.



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