The Dubs Have Everything

As we take a look back at this past season of the NBA, we reflect on what was considered a sudden and unexpected rise of the Golden State Warriors. But when you really break it down, the Warriors have everything they need for a title and then some and they’ve had it for a while. All they needed was someone to put it all in place and they finally acquired that man last summer: Steve Kerr. He was brought in after the decision to fire Mark Jackson that angered many Warriors fans but ended changing the team drastically for the better. He brought in reserve Draymond Green as the starting power forward, which turned out to be a revelation that produced a 2nd place Defensive Player of the Year candidate. He reinstated Harrison Barnes to his starting spot and moving beloved veteran Andre Iguodala after convincing him to take a step back and be the leader of the second team, now considered the strongest in the league. Throughout the roster, we can see just how stuffed it is with selfless talented players. The Warriors have two All-Stars coming off the bench in Iguodala and David Lee. They have a wide variety of quick and lengthy defenders that allow a defense based on switching that won’t give any advantages to the offensive player. Everything has gotten organized and put into place that allowed the Warriors to crank out a 67-15 record from the regular season, the best by a large margin. They’re led by the reigning MVP Steph Curry, an All-NBA first and second team player in their starting lineup with Green and Andrew Bogut respectively. No matter where you look in the roster there is depth to spare at every single position. Their 2nd string of Livingston, Iguodala, Lee, Ezeli, and Leandro Barbosa that could be a strong starting five in the Eastern Conference. Through the season and postseason, we have seen a continued dominance that was one of the best season of all time. They lead the league in assists, defensive and offensive field goal percentage, as well as defensive efficiency with a second place finish in offensive efficiency. They posted a 10.1 net rating, only the 8th double digit one of all time. The all around team has truly shown off all sides of themselves as they’ve dominated throughout the league, and I don’t expect that dominance to end, even if it is LeBron in the Finals.


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