Catcher in the Rye

This book cover is a phony!  It’s a lazy sloth, completely expected from the damn publication industry and all.



Just kidding, my inner Holden was released from within me.  I personally find this character an utter loser who should really have a better attitude about things.  By things I mean everything.  He doesn’t treat those around him with any respect and he does not use an ounce of effort in school.  But the sad part of this is… the kid does kind of have a point.

Holden is particularly good at pointing out the most obscure details about people.  For example, Holden describes Stradlater as the type of guy who is always asking you for a big favor, as if doing anything for him is a ginormous deal.  This can be true.  “Hey bud, can you do me a huge favor?  Could you go walk this trash over to the trash can?”  I have heard something along these lines.  Most of the time the person asking for the huge favor is lazy and would rather take advantage of someone else’s kindness than do something for their self.

I can see where Holden’s pessimism and lack of initiative comes from, but it irks me to read the way he speaks.  “I banged into the subway and damn near ran into that damn old lady and all.”  Like, JUST SAY WHAT HAPPENED YOU LOSER!  Those useless adjectives really irk me.

So, I have a problem with the narrator.  But reading this book made me realize how ridiculous the way I speak is.  While I don’t say “damn near” and “and all” every other sentence, I do speak in my own version of slang.  I use slang terms, I turn adjectives into verbs, I use the word “cruise” profusely.  For example, I was sitting next to my friends at lunch and there was an open seat next to me, so I told my friend who was two feet away, “cruise over.”  This type of vernacular is fun to speak with and sounds completely incorrect when written in text.  I am still reading this book, so we will see if Holden will become less of a loser as the book progresses and all.  Well, his brother did kinda die and all when he was a kid, but still Holden, get a grip.



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