Why Settle for Slow Progress?

slow-progressThere are many reasons to try to progress in a certain activity. Everyone wants to get better. Everyone thinks that to get better you must work really hard at that activity for long periods of time to get better. However, it is easy to think that change must be done quickly and difficultly. The more long-lasting change is done by making little changes everyday to get to where you want to be.

For example, one might want to improve their grades and shoot for straight A’s one semester. That person may think that it is necessary to drastically change his or her study habits to reach the goal. Extreme changes can be very unattainable and/or unsustainable. One must try to change one little thing at a time in order to be successful over time. This person should try to fix one thing at a time starting with time management, prioritization, procrastination, and ways to study.

Understanding this concept has changed my life for the better. Slowly easing out of a bad habit and into a good habit can be a slow process, yet very beneficial and long-lasting. One must see the big picture and not just today.


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