The Special Gift

Picture by Creative Tools

Picture by Creative Tools


It is June 21 in 2014 and I am standing at the mall. I don’t know what to get; should I get an electronic or should I buy clothing. I want to go home but the confusion between getting either clothing or electronics is killing me.  I ask my mom for help, but she says that she can’t help me. My mind is racing rapidly because it is almost three o’clock and I still haven’t decided what to get. Something catches my eye through the window display of Radioshack. I have decided what I am getting.

My brother has been telling me lately about how badly he wants to get a portable wireless speaker he can take to the beach or the park without having any trouble. I see the perfect wireless speaker sitting there on the third row of the shelf; it is a cylindrical shaped speaker that is white with a streak of gray on the sides and top and bottom.  I ask the worker to give me the speaker; my heart is bursting with joy. The store is completely empty, so I am helped immediately. I am ready to take this home and give it to my brother. I watch as the clerk puts the speaker into a bag. The clerk and I exchange the speaker and money. I call my mom and tell her to get into the car so I can quickly get home I want to get there before my brother arrives.

As soon as I get home, I open it up carefully, making sure I don’t break it. When I see that it is charged, I hide it under a pile of clothing. I tell my brother to call me before he gets home. I want to be prepared to surprise him. I connect the speaker to my phone with bluetooth.

I finally get the phone call from my brother that he will be there in five minutes. When he enters, I play a video I have recorded of him giving a speech. He starts to smile and ask where that sound is coming from. He runs around the house until he gets to the pile of clothes where the speaker is hidden.

He lifts up the pile of clothes and sees the speaker lying there. He says, “Who is this for,”  and I respond by saying, “It is for you.” He stares at it as if he is dreaming. He doesn’t move as if he is too scared to wake up from his dream until I tell him to pick it up. I see a smirk start to appear on his face as he realizes what it is. Just seeing that happiness on his face is what gives  me a warm feeling inside. We sit together as he uses his new gift for hours and hours without the giant smile fading for even one second.

I see my parents looking at me with a sense of love. I know I have done the right thing by buying this speaker. I am proud of myself.  What should I add to the conclusion to make it more solid and give it a true ending feeling?


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