The History of Today

1776.  That’s a very easy date to remember.  The call for liberty in the face of tyranny and oppression was broadcasted from America to countries across the globe, metaphorically of course.  In 1910, the first public radio signal was actually broadcasted to the American public.  Not even 100 years later, the Internet debuted in 1992 in America and has made this all possible.

CC Wikipedia

CC Wikipedia

But, there has to be something happening around the globe that will become a historical moment in the future.  It is interesting how a historical event might be taking place in the present, but its true significance can’t be evaluated until it has become a part of the past.  When the Founding Fathers were just a group of extreme radicals trying to break free from England, they might not have realized that their actions would affect my life.  When Mr. Herz was doing experiments to test the theory of electromagnetism, he probably didn’t realize his experiments would lead to the development of public broadcasting.  The inventors of the Internet surely didn’t have this blog post in mind while they were working on their watershed project.  I haven’t been focusing my attention on the global world around me, but what history will I live through?  What event will happen during my lifetime that will irrevocably change the world around me?  Will there be another gigantic technological leap such as the Internet?  Will there be a global disaster?  Will scientific developments become the most important historical events?  Will a major advancement in medicine change the world?  Will there be a new global superpower?  Will the government reveal the truth about alien life?  Will I stop asking questions?

question mark

I am seeking the answer to all of the questions, except for the last one asked, but I’m going to have to stay conscious of the global community as the world evolves and history is made.  This is a reminder to the world that what is happening in the present has never yet occurred in history.  If you don’t like history then you might think this is lame, but what is occurring in today’s society will be written about in future textbooks.  To me, that seems pretty epic, so I suggest you speculate about what the future books will be recounting by observing the events that are occurring as we speak.  Be aware of the history of today.



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