Once upon a time, there lived the richest king in all the lands. This man was known for his great strength and quickness. However, he was best known for his charming looks. Women would come and admire the sight of his face, and men would imagine themselves in his place with all his strength. Many men and women started to consider him a god. Many temples, like those of Zeus and Aphrodite, were  now empty. The man enjoyed all the attention as it came and never got tired of it. He even started to believe that he was a god. That angered all the gods in heaven. The gods, watching down on their creations and once worshippers had betrayed them for a mortal who would one day leave them.

One day the man woke up and found no worshipper or admirer at his door. Instead he found a note at his bedside and it said, “You have disrespected us, and now you shall feel the wrath of the gods against you”.  The man took it as a joke from one of his friends. In the afternoon, a huge rainstorm hit the kingdom, and everything was destroyed. Only the king survived and was alone. Next, there was no food for him to eat. As the man realized what the note said he began to cry. He then heard a voice saying, “ You must suffer for what you done to the gods.”The man hunted for food throughout the next few months.  He then came up with a plan to sail to another island. He created a boat using some nearby resources. By midday, the man was already sailing. On his voyage, he first encountered the Sirens, who tried to bring his life to an end, but he used his knowledge to escape from there. He then landed on the island of the Cyclopes, where he was nearly killed for stealing eight sheep.  The man sacrificed all the sheep for the gods to ask for forgiveness. All the gods except Poseidon forgave him. Poseidon tortured him by sending storm after storm,making the man more lost than he was. However, the other gods would help him get back on track. Finally after two years of a long journey, the man made it to an island. He was destroyed and was very poor. He finally understood why he wasn’t a god. Gods are the all powerful, but man is nothing without the gods. The man never again boasted of his talents. This is the story of Hamzacus.

Try and create your own. If you do, share it with us!!


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