Dear Puch,

“Hey Puoy.”  That’s just one of the many nicknames bestowed upon the family dog.  Just look at that cute doggy.

Daz a goood puoy.

Daz a goood puoy.

Puch brought me closer to my siblings.  When people have things in common, it makes it easier to get along well.  When Puch became our family dog, all the siblings now shared a common ground from which conversation was built.  The general question, “Where’s Pwoy?” remains a household phrase three years after Lacy was lost to the World, or- well, more like Bakersfield, but that’s not important, Puchie’s gon’ now.  The fact remains that the family dog brought fun, joy, and entertainment to our family.


Lacy was our first pet.  At the time we received her, Lacy was only one and a half, that of course being equivalent to three and a half doggy-years, and she grew up to age just as the kids in the family did.  Lacy would go to work with my dad sometimes (as if she could contribute to his business) and when she would come home, all of the kids in the family would welcome her with pets and smiles.  When Putchie didn’t go to work with Dad, her tail would wag profusely when the kids walked through the door.

Puch reminds me of the childhood that I am quickly departing from.  As I have grown older, “things I do” have become “things I used to do,” and playing with Puch has become a thing of the past.  Puch is still on our minds, and Lacy will always be a good Putchie.



One thought on “Dear Puch,

  1. I think this is an extremely interesting blog post about your dog. I agree that it is so incredibly cute and that she can bring cheer to anyone who sees her. This has opened my eyes to the cuteness of dogs, but Puch specifically.


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