Are Our Kids Getting the Proper Education?

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Schools are educating people,but is it the right education for them? As said in “To what extent do our schools serve the goals of a true education,” “What makes a person educated?” The writer means to say that the idea of education is highly debatable based on the person. A true education in my mind is one that teaches a person not only what they need to get a job, but it also to teach someone how to be prepared for the real world. Schools should lay a guideline on what to do in the world for the students.The old mindset needs to be changed first to help refine schools into giving a true education. Lastly, parents and schools look at the growing economy and want students to only focus on their job skills to be part of the major economy in terms of salary.

Schools aren’t reaching the goals of a true education. Schools only educate the students on how to learn skills for a certain job. The ideas used long ago are still being used. Before, education wasn’t for everyone, it was only for those who could afford it. Those who could afford it only needed education to be a tool to help them get a good job. Sir Ken Robinson says that in the past, that was the way it was. They were told that a good education would lead to a degree. And then, a degree would lead to a job. Without a degree, you would be nowhere. Times have changed, however the mindset hasn’t changed. In this day and age, school should teach children etiquettes and tips to help them in life. Don’t get me wrong, learning skills for a job in school are very crucial, but learning these other things are almost as important if not as important. The old mindset has stayed with the schools and it is very dangerous because it stops the world from advancing. For this reason, schools are not able to give a true education at the full extent.

The next thing that stops schools fully giving a true education is due to the importance of the economy in people’s lives.  The economy is always brought up in the discussion of education. People feel that education should only be to help you get a good job so that a child can be a big part of the economy in regards to wealth. To advance schools into giving a true education, everyone must move past this idea and understand that the significance of education is not only to get a degree and good job but also to learn tricks to survive in the world and communicate with others.

Schools are not giving students a true education. Schools need to change some ideas and stop completely focusing on work related skills and give some attention on helping students learn to communicate with others and learn what they should do in life to be successful outside the workforce. Schools need to start giving a true education their students soon. the old mindset must change because it is not working anymore. The old idea is leaving so many children behind because they feel that there is no point in education because all it focuses on is getting a degree and a good job. Schools need to change their focuses and also help those children who feel that school is not important.


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