The History of Today

1776.  That’s a very easy date to remember.  The call for liberty in the face of tyranny and oppression was broadcasted from America to countries across the globe, metaphorically of course.  In 1910, the first public radio signal was actually broadcasted to the American public.  Not even 100 years later, the Internet debuted in 1992 in America and has made this all possible.

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The B-2 Spirit Bomber

Alfred Thayer Mahan’s book, “The Influence of Sea Power Upon History,”  led America to have the single-most dominant naval force in the world.  I guess once America conquered the seas, they decided to conquer the air as well.

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A Tribute to Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans Thrilling Season

Recently in the NBA Playoffs, we watched the New Orleans Pelicans get swept by the one of the best teams in the league, the Golden State Warriors, in the first round. But this playoff result was far from a disappointment, as the Pelicans were able to fight through their whole season facing injuries in a brutal conference. Even with the Thunder losing Durant and the blow it caused to that team, these Pelicans fought and were able to slide in based on their own merits. They held strong, even with starting point guard Jrue Holiday out for half the season, Ryan Anderson missed 21 games due to injury, Eric Gordon had an extended absence in the beginning, and one of the greatest players in the league, Anthony “The Brow” Davis, missing 14 games due to various injuries. Despite these setbacks and being left out of nearly every single playoff prediction, they clung to life and were able to pull away with their first playoff berth since Chris Paul left the team back in 2011. This marvelous feat was possible only because the Pelicans had their own superhuman athlete to lead the crowd. Anthony Davis had a monster season that will go down in history. He posted a PER of 30.89, the 11th best in the history of the NBA. He’s averaging career highs all across the boards, and those numbers are still going up. He has the ability to take over a game with his mid range, his post ups, and, if necessary, the ability to hit a game-winning three from thirty feet out while guarded by two players. That three pointer over the outstretched arms of reigning MVP Kevin Durant would eventually prove to save their season, as the victory gave the Pelicans the tie breaker they needed after the two teams finished out the season with the same record, and OKC narrowly missed the postseason. And even though his offensive game is phenomenal, his defense is just as good if not better. He is one of the best defenders in the league, using his length to guard anywhere from the basket to blocking three pointers. And even with his monster stat lines that have literally never been seen before since the NBA began recording blocks, flirting with the legendary quadruple double, and averaging over thirty points in his first postseason appearance, we can’t mention Anthony Davis without bringing up the phrase that has seemed to latch onto him whenever his future in the NBA is mentioned: he’s only 22. His legendary seasons have been accomplished all in the third year in the league, and he is the youngest person to post a PER over thirty, which doesn’t even factor in his defensive edge. Scary things are coming from Anthony Davis, as he’s due to get an increase in usage. Right now, he only has a usage rate of 25% and is still posting stat lines that are better than the rest of the leagues superstars like LeBron James and James Harden, and if the uptick in usage this season has been any sign, next years increase will rocket him into an even higher level than the one he is on right now, which also happens to be a level he occupies all by himself. Anthony Davis is still only 22, and I can definitely say that this superstar has the potential to be the best basketball player ever, even passing all time greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan. With how much he has already given us, I can hardly fathom what he has in store.

Once upon a time, there lived the richest king in all the lands. This man was known for his great strength and quickness. However, he was best known for his charming looks. Women would come and admire the sight of his face, and men would imagine themselves in his place with all his strength. Many men and women started to consider him a god. Many temples, like those of Zeus and Aphrodite, were  now empty. The man enjoyed all the attention as it came and never got tired of it. He even started to believe that he was a god. That angered all the gods in heaven. The gods, watching down on their creations and once worshippers had betrayed them for a mortal who would one day leave them.

One day the man woke up and found no worshipper or admirer at his door. Instead he found a note at his bedside and it said, “You have disrespected us, and now you shall feel the wrath of the gods against you”.  The man took it as a joke from one of his friends. In the afternoon, a huge rainstorm hit the kingdom, and everything was destroyed. Only the king survived and was alone. Next, there was no food for him to eat. As the man realized what the note said he began to cry. He then heard a voice saying, “ You must suffer for what you done to the gods.”The man hunted for food throughout the next few months.  He then came up with a plan to sail to another island. He created a boat using some nearby resources. By midday, the man was already sailing. On his voyage, he first encountered the Sirens, who tried to bring his life to an end, but he used his knowledge to escape from there. He then landed on the island of the Cyclopes, where he was nearly killed for stealing eight sheep.  The man sacrificed all the sheep for the gods to ask for forgiveness. All the gods except Poseidon forgave him. Poseidon tortured him by sending storm after storm,making the man more lost than he was. However, the other gods would help him get back on track. Finally after two years of a long journey, the man made it to an island. He was destroyed and was very poor. He finally understood why he wasn’t a god. Gods are the all powerful, but man is nothing without the gods. The man never again boasted of his talents. This is the story of Hamzacus.

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The Freedom of Friendship

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Picture by Pictofigo

Friendship is like the sweetness of a cold bite of vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day. Friendship is one of the most important things for me. My friends are my curtain that veils me from the world. The safety I feel when I am with my friends is, to put it in the most simple of terms, the amount of safety someone feels when they put their money in a vault to protect it from being stolen. When we are together, our friendship veils us from the rest of the world.

One example is on a Saturday morning. My friends and I decide to go to breakfast together. We all meet up by my house and decide to go to Denny’s. Once we get to Denny’s, we see that it is full, however we ignore the rest of the people and begin our wild activities as we sit together. One of them starts throwing ripped pieces of napkins at the rest of us. Another one of my friends’ starts to yell and laugh loudly. By this time a few people have noticed us and are staring. This, nonetheless doesn’t bother us as we sit together and enjoy our time together.

Another example of my feeling of security while being with my friends is when we meet together at our mosque. We hang out together. We play basketball together and make jokes. We might play for be together for two hours, but it only feels like 20 minutes.

My friends are my bodyguards when I am in trouble. They will help me and stand by my side when I need them to. I feel the same way about my friends as they do about me. I know I will be safe when I am with them.

Friendship is a very important aspect in my life. My life wouldn’t be as positive as it is today. One of the main reasons why I am why I am is because of my friends. I am forever grateful for my friends for being there for me and keeping me safe. Having the friends that I do makes it even more important to keep my friendship strong.

The Rise of Jordan Clarkson and His Future Role


“With 46th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards select Jordan Clarkson from the University of Missouri.” At this point of the draft, no one is really watching, no one cares about the 2nd rounders. That same night, the Lakers traded for him for basically nothing, as the Wizards weren’t interested. Many didn’t pay attention to this move, believing the Lakers would waive him. I watched his scouting videos and although he wasn’t highly sought after, I was extremely excited, the dude can play. Laker fans wanted us to draft Dante Exum, an unproven guard who played in Australia. He was selected 4th overall, and has been a serious disappointment. I said Clarkson would have a better rookie year than Exum, and was right. He averaged 16 points a game and won western conference rookie of the month in march, the first rookie in Laker history to do so. After an extremely disappointing season, Clarkson has been one positive outcome.

Still, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I do believe he can be the future point guard, but he still has a lot of work to do. He needs to work on his shot, as he is not a great shooter. He also is a little out of control at this point in his career, but I believe with time he will improve in that regard. This off season is huge for the Lakers future, and although I want us to keep Clarkson at the point, I have a strong feeling we’ll go after Rajon Rondo, Kobe’s favorite point guard. This isn’t a bad thing for Clarkson however, his minutes will go down but he’ll be able to learn from one of the best point guards in the NBA in Rondo. All in all, I believe in 5 years Clarkson will be a top 3 point guard in this league, and will be a leader for this franchise.