Is Money Really the Best Way of Helping the Poor?

At least 10% of the world’s population lives on less than $10.00 (in USD) per day according to I would imagine that most people are aware of current poverty but only few know to what extent it exists.


I understand that this sounds extremely cliché but I will come up with a different approach.

Here is an analogy to explain it simply:

Poverty is a large monster that, once associated with a person, damages their life and their family’s life. Here in first world countries we provide money to support these individuals while their lives are taking a turn for the worse. The monster goes and eats the money and leaves the individuals to live happier lives temporarily until he is done eating it. Then it only continues to worsen.

How might we help poverty-stricken nations other than providing money which only lasts for so long?

We need to help them to find work for themselves such as teaching them how to perform certain trades like carpenters, construction worker, etc. The possibilities are endless, but the resources are limited. We should provide certain programs to teach them how to make a living according to their environment and assets.


You could make sure to find a legitimate charity that supports these types of programs and carries them out with proven success.

Here are some pretty interesting ted talks on poverty.


2 thoughts on “Is Money Really the Best Way of Helping the Poor?

  1. I like this post because it offers a perspective that most people don’t think about. Money is obviously helpful to those who don’t have any, but the majority of us who donate can’t say we know exactly where the money goes specifically, and that’s kind of scary. Additionally, like you mentioned, education is an incredible gift that could be given to developing countries and in long run, might benefit the people more than money can. Nice point! -Katherine

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    • Money seems to be a temporary fix to the problem. Education is the smarter path. We want to be able to educate people to do something that will help them to be independent. I think things like welfare and food stamps are great but should be available for a limited time until that person finds work. Some people just want a quick way to help others by donating to organizations. Like you said, we don’t know where that money is going for sure. For example, the Susan Komen Breast Cancer charity only uses a small percentage of its donations to actually fight cancer.


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