Why Are There So Many Upsets in March Madness This Year?

Photo by Jeff Turner

There are no more perfect perfect brackets left in the tournament and we haven’t even finished the round of 32. How did this happen so quickly this year? ….. Because of all the upsets. Why are there so many upsets happening in this year’s tournament? It’s not because teams were not ranked properly. It’s because the higher ranked teams aren’t showing the same desire to win that the lower ranked teams are. The higher teams, such as Villanova being upset by NC State, just feel that they are better and don’t have to try. They feel that they can easily win. What happens is that the higher ranked teams slack while teams like NC State take the lead and gain momentum. By the time the other realizes they are down, it is too late for them to recover. Like John Calipari said “If they want to win, they will play and win. They have already proven it.” The higher ranked teams need to ply they did to make the tournament.


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