A Tribute to Steve Nash

Recently this week, Steve Nash officially announced a retirement that everyone knew was coming after he sat out another year with back spasms and his contract with the Lakers was coming to a close. But even with his surprisingly disappointing finish, we can’t let that stand in the way of all the things that Nash did accomplish, being one of the best players of this generation. His highlight assists, as well as his shooting ability and the ability to take over a game and keep it at whatever pace he wants allowed him to revolutionize the point guard position. As he ends his career, he has 90.4% free throw shooting, which is the highest in NBA history. Any team with that kind of efficiency would be unbeatable down the stretch, as sending Nash to the line almost always resulted in two point. You could always trust Nash to make the correct play and hit his shot, especially with his 41% shooting from deep good for ninth best in history. Nash’s true skill was always in his pass, and came out most evidently during his two MVP seasons in 2005 and 2006, averaging 11.5 and 10.5 assists respectively. He didn’t always dazzle with high-volume scoring, and is the only MVP in the last thirty years to win MVP while scoring less than 20 points a game. Nash knew when the game needed him to shine, and was always willing to give up a good shot in order for someone else to get a great shot. Even though he had a long, illustrious career with Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles, Nash was never quite able to get one of those championship rings. But this factor should not allow us to take away from this man and all that he has accomplished, including fronting the Phoenix Suns to an NBA-best record multiple years in a row, while controlling D’antoni’s high octane “seven seconds or less” offense. Even with these high amount of possessions, he always kept his efficiency, hitting the legendary 50-40-90 mark(field goal percentage-3 point percentage-free throw percentage) an astounding 4 times! Only Larry Bird has ever had two, and a handful have hit one, but no one has even come close to the terrific accomplishment by Nash. As we look back on his 18 wonderful seasons, you can’t help but respect this maestro and all the beautiful works he has created.


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