Will the Return of Paul George Hurt the Pacers?

picture by Joshuak8

picture by Joshuak8

Paul George’s expected return date was delayed by the team. Indiana Pacers coach, Frank Vogel, said that George’s return game date was postponed for precautionary reasons. The team feels that he is not up to complete form, despite videos that show otherwise. Does the team feel comfortable playing without Paul George? Are they worried that he will hurt the team? I think they are. Paul George has came out and publicly said that he does not want to do anything that will hurt the chemistry of the team. Thy are playing very well, as a team, in his absence and he doesn’t want to be the person to break that. When asked directly, George paused, took a thoughtful breath, and said while he still wants to return, he doesn’t want to risk jeopardizing the Pacers’ recent strong play, which has seen the team win seven in a row and 13 of their past 15. George says that he feels that he won’t have any problems offensively. However, he feels moving on defense will be a problem. He said that the team has been playing exceptionally well defensively right now. “Defensively, these guys have been special the past month, so that’s where I think the confidence will have to come from, where I can be thrown out there and not miss a beat with these guys.” Paul George said that any return this season would only be to get him back in to form. He would only play little stints of the bench. Now we wait to see what his final decision is for this season.


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