How will the Knick’s Horrific Season Affect Young Player’s Potentials?

Throughout this season, we have all watched as the Knicks were crushed time and again by every opponent across the continent. The Knicks, who were once viewed as playoff prospects, have bottomed out with a league worst 13-53 record. This sets them behind the self-proclaimed tankers, the Philadelphia 76’ers, an injury ravaged Minnesota Timberwolves, and a lackluster Los Angeles Lakers. At this point it has gotten so bad that the culture seems to have become a losing one, with even Phil Jackson joking around about how they need to destroy the Knicks. But through all this, you have to wonder how much of a toll this is taking on the young players on the rosters. Coach Fisher is constantly worried, because NBA prospects are kids coming from the NCAA who were used to leading their teams to wins, only to now being on a team that is just counting down the days until they can call it quits and hit the draft board. Day in and day out, the Knicks are getting wiped across the floor. Since the All-Star break alone, they have lost 7 games by at least 18 points, with two of those coming by over 31 points. The players are getting worn out, as day in and day out they push it on the court, only to have the same negative results thrown back in their face. “It’s tough,”one of the rookies Langston Galloway has told reporters, “But at the same time, you’re just trying to continue to battle because you know this is going to continue to make us better.” These players have been humiliated, and are currently the laughingstock of the NBA. A visit to the once highly revered Madison Square Gardens has almost become a guaranteed check in the win column. The team tries to stay positive, but knows that this will follow them around, and remain a horrible start to what could have been for them if they had a real chance to shine, instead of just putting up meaningless points in a losing effort every night. As we move onto the future, we can only hope that these young hopefuls will be able to move past this enormous bump in the road, and find themselves a promising career in a place they aren’t just counting down the days until the nightmare is over.


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