Beach Metaphors

I love the beach for many reasons; its beauty, the peace it brings me, and the fun I can have there.  Recently, however, I have learned that I can also learn from the beach.


Take the waves for example, they are constant.  They rise and fall everyday, not irrationally, or in a bi-polar manner, but constantly.  I live my life similar to a wave.  I go through phases where I am in high spirits and I believe that I can accomplish everything I set my mind to.  Conversely, there are times where I feel low and I doubt myself.  I awake from the dreams I used to infatuate myself with and make no progress.

The ocean’s sea life also tells a story to those who are willing to listen, or should I say, look.



Everybody adapts in their own way.  All these shells were collected from the same beach, yet so many differences exists between them.  People grow up in the same communities with the same conditions, yet people emerge from the places they grew up in in different ways.

Don't Uh, Judge Something if You Can't See the Whole thing.

Don’t Judge if You Can’t See the Whole Picture.

When you don’t have your full effort invested in something, the result won’t look as beautiful.  The broken sand dollar can represent faith.  Broken faith isn’t nearly as beautiful as full faith.  You’ll look like a broken sand dollar if you don’t have full belief in yourself.



One thought on “Beach Metaphors

  1. I love the beach as well and I absolutely agree with what you said about learning from the beach. I too have learned a ton from the beach. To me, each grain of sand represents a person. Like a grain of sand, it’s easy to get lost in the wind and buried beneath others achievements. However, without every single person, the world would not be what it is today.
    -Gabby Johnson

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