Why Should I Go To College?

This shouldn’t be a question in my mind.  My question should be, “Which college should I go to?”  Yet, I have lagged on pursuing my future and I need to make a firm decision on what I am going to do in the next stage of my life.  So, why should I go to college?

The question in my mind is: "should I scoop all the ice cream into a bowl, or should I eat it straight from the container?

The question in my mind is: “should I scoop all the ice cream into a bowl, or should I eat it straight from the container?

1.  I’ll make more money.

(I didn’t do the study nor have I ever read the actual study) but the study says that students with a college degree earn more on average than students with only a high school degree.

2.  Networks

I’ve heard that it’s not what you know, but, who you know that determines your success in life.  Well, I wouldn’t suggest becoming an idiot and befriending a bunch of smart people, but college is known for establishing connections.

Oh.  Networks also include making friends.  Not business buddies or colleagues, legitimate friends.  May I note that life is not all about getting a job that pays well.  It’s no fun not having companions to share life experiences with.  Making friends is essential to happiness and since going to college is a life decision, shouldn’t I take into account how happy going to college will make me?

3.  Personal Growth

Yeah, the Trap House is nice, but do I really wanna live there for the rest of my life?

Yeah, the Trap House is nice, but do I really wanna live there for the rest of my life?

Whether I want to face it or not, it’s time to grow up.  It’s a subject that I’ve neglected and as a result, I am not prepared to walk my own path on my life journey.  According to my family and friends in college, going off to college is an awesome experience.  I don’t know what I haven’t experienced until I’ve experienced it.  Ignorance is bliss, you can’t miss what you’ve yet to experience.  The benefits from college seem limitless-

Hold it right there mister!  I’ve only brought up one side of the argument.  Amassing almost all my knowledge on the subject of college from the biggest promoters of college up to this point, I am being unfair.  So, why shouldn’t I got to college?

1.  The Cost

What the college board websites don’t tell you is that college tuition is going to cost upwards of $100,000.  On top of that, student loans cannot be defaulted on, which puts a financial burden on students/recent college grads that will bear down on them for the rest of their lives.  A statistic that I cannot verify states that college tuition costs have risen 1000% in the past few decades.

2.  College Degrees Don’t Guarantee Jobs

Surely the college board isn’t going to tell me that all the money and time I spend on my major isn’t going to amount to anything in my future career.  Then again, it seems that nothing is guaranteed.  People expect “B” to happen once “A” happens, but sometimes the universe runs on a different alphabet.

I discredit this claim due to the fact that two thirds of college grads with masters degree pursue work in their field of study.

3.  College Doesn’t Prepare You for the Real World

With so many professionals who have graduated from college, I’d say that this claim is very difficult to support.

So.  I find that the reasons to go to college outweigh the reasons to not go to college.  Whether someone is a college grad, or a self-taught high school graduate, jobs require creativity and people need to bring value to an organization in order to get a job.  Many students go into college with the illusion that college will get them the future they want.  Life is easy, I’ll get a great job straight out of college and it’ll be perfect.

Sorry, that just doesn’t happen.  I believe, and you don’t have to believe me, that the success in a given discipline is determined by how long someone has been gaining experience in that discipline.  A computer programmer who has been programming since his 14th birthday is going to be far more successful than someone who is first learning how to program in a college course.  The information is out there.  College provides information, but with the availability of information via the internet, earning a degree in a subject with information and skills that can be learned online is counterproductive and counter-intuitive.   But what am I going to do?

I’m going to college.  If I can get scholarships or receive financial aid, my student loan debt won’t be insurmountable.  I am interested in learning.  Sure, information is out there on the web, but am I going to have online conversations about the topic I’m studying?  I find human interaction and conversation more beneficial to my happiness.  I’d rather spend time with a person than spend time online.  Well, a few hours of reading, researching, and writing, and now I’m finally where I should have already been.  I’m going for higher education, but where should I go?



One thought on “Why Should I Go To College?

  1. I agree with you one hundred percent, college has always been a goal of mine since I was in middle school and the hardest choice for me is deciding where I want to go. Luckily for me, my parents agreed to pay for my tuition which is a great advantage because so many kids graduate from college and are buried with debt. College is just over a year a way and I can’t wait to leave and embark on a new chapter of my life!


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