Are the Warriors A Serious Contender to Win it All?


Are the Golden State Warriors a legitimate title contender? Are these young warriors experienced enough to defeat teams more experienced teams like OKC, the Rockets, and the Spurs? Will their small ball ideology work for them in the playoffs? Although the Warriors are having a tremendous regular season and are on pace to have the best record in the league, I still have not bought in that they are a legitimate contender.

The Warriors may be the best regular season team, but the playoffs are a completely different ball game. Regular season is more about talent and making shots, while the playoffs are a much more strategical game. This is where I feel their demise will be. Does first year coach Steve Kerr have what it takes to win in the playoffs? I don’t think so. I believe over time, he will develop into a great coach but never has a first year coach won a championship, and I simply can’t see Kerr being the first.

The Warriors have a very weak front court, not skill-wise, but health wise. On paper, having David Lee and Andrew Bogut as your starting front court sounds great. Only one problem, Bogut is extremely injury prone, he simply can’t stay healthy. I don’t care how good their guards are, without a great big man when the game slows down in the playoffs, they will not get out of the western conference. Small ball simply can’t work in the playoffs, and with the strength of the Western Conference, I don’t see the Warriors winning the championship.


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