Julius Randle is the Next Franchise Player

A Season Lost, Julius Randle Readies His Mind and Body to Lead Lakers from Abyss

Photo by Noah Graham

Is Julius Randle the next franchise player for the Los Angeles Lakers? In the past NBA draft, Randle became the highest player to be selected in a draft by the Lakers in 32 years. Everyone on the team and fans were extremely hyped for the beginning of his career. However, in his first game, four months ago, his body failed on him and he broke his leg. When this happened, everyone was sure that this would take a negative toll on the rookie. However, he said, “If anything, it has built my level of belief.” Randle says that he has been writing down all his thoughts in a notebook. Also, he feels as if this has really helped clear out his plan for the future. This time off is not only for healing, it is for him to really understand how to better himself and better understand the game. Randle has still been active with the Lakers organization during his rehab. Kupchak said that he has told Julius Randle to write a report on every Lakers game, breaking up each quarter and analyzing it.

Randle says that he has been watching basketball all day. “I just sit there and watch games all day.” He puts himself into game situations while watching and tries to imagine what he would do if he were in the game. Kupchak has repeatedly praised Randle’s enthusiasm and single studying skills. He makes notes of all the players that play the same position as he does in the NBA. He wants to know how to attack them and defend them in the best way. He feels like he has become a better observer and analyst.

Will all his work pay off?…We will just have to wait and see!


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