What is the Source of Our Morals?

Morality is often a subject of debate between many. Is it embedded into us or do we learn it as we grow as individuals? Some believe that all of morality comes from religious inspirations.

I believe the morals of an individual partly come from the environment he/she is in and the experiences that they go through.

For example, a young child may see that their friends are littering on the sidewalk and that person would begin to think that it may not be as bad as he is taught. Later, that child may be scolded and/or punished by his parents and learn that the act of littering is not to be done and is wrong. This is an example of learning morals from experiences.

Alternatively, a boy growing up in Nazi Germany may be taught innumerably in school and at home about how the Jews were the root of Germany’s problems. He will eventually think of it as a moral obligation to help eradicate this population from his country or even the world. This is an example of how learning morals from the environment can be incorrect.

However, many things are learned as a result of common human suffering such as seeing another man die may make one think of murder as a crime worthy of severe punishment.

No one is born with every aspect of right or wrong. Some morals are understood rather quickly, yet others take time and experience to develop.

Thus, we can infer that every single person has some flawed ideals of morality just as humans have many other types of flaws.



2 thoughts on “What is the Source of Our Morals?

  1. I completely agree with your analysis on the origins of morals and how it all depends on the circumstances and past that one individual has. I think that many people do not understand that the thought processes of some people are not because of their own mind but instead of past experiences that have led them to believe that certain things are okay, when to the majority of society they are seen as unacceptable.

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    • This brings to mind certain traditions like honor killings in areas like Pakistan where if a woman has extra-marital relations, a male family member is to kill her in the name of family honor, whether that be her brother, uncle, or dad. They have been taught that it is the moral thing to go through with the killing whereas in America such traditions are illegal.


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