Transformation Under New Leadership


During this last week in the NBA, we watched as the entire landscape of the NBA changed. 9% of all active players were on different teams by the time the trade deadline hit, comprising of 41 different players. While there are always the obvious trades like the Suns trading Goran Dragic to the Heat, since he had openly told the organization about his plans to leave in free agency during the summer. But then, right before the deadline, we were hit with a mind boggling trade between the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76’ers, and the Phoenix Suns occurred. The Bucks, in the midst of a breakout season that left them at double last year’s win total heading into the All-Star Break, traded away their starting point guard and the leader of their team Brandon Knight. In return, they received a young big man in Miles Plumlee to bolster up their weaker front court, a rookie point guard named Tyler Ennis, and their new starting point guard: Michael Carter-Williams. Coming off of a Rookie of the Year campaign, Carter-Williams seems to have great potential as he heads into the future with his new squad. His greatest asset, however, will be the tutelage he will receive from his coach, Jason Kidd. In his own time, Jason Kidd was a pass first point guard that could control the game amazingly and was an All-Star and future Hall of Famer. This new scene will be vastly different from his time spent in Philadelphia, where they played at breakneck speeds and chucked up shots with very little efficiency. This led to an inflation in Carter-Williams stats, but he also averaged over 4 turnovers per contest and an abysmal 44.1 TSP. As he gets acquainted into his new environment, he should be much more comfortable in the slowed down pace that should increase his efficiency and reduce his turnovers. He is already a strong defender, who will fight quite nicely into the Milwaukee system that they have, which seems to encourage a great amount of length among their players. As is evident with Knight, Kidd’s excellent leadership helps his players develop greatly. Before the trade, Knight was averaging career highs in assists, rebounds, shooting percentage, and three point percentage. All of these point to great promise for the development of Carter-Williams, as he grows with the rest of his young team. While the trade may have set them back for now, they hope it will help them take one giant leap forward in the future as they find their stride. And once they have a starting line-up of Carter-Williams, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jabari Parker leading the way, things will look very bright in Milwaukee.


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