Miami Hits Another Bump


Photo by Michael Tipton

The Miami Heat recently acquired Goran Dragic at the trade deadline from Miami. Miami was at the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference at the time of the trade. Everything was looking good. The Heat thought that this would be the final piece of the team to help them ascend in the Eastern Conference before playoff time. The line-up was set to be Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh, and Whiteside. However, Chris Bosh was admitted to the hospital on Thursday morning. After many tests, doctors found out that Chris Bosh had blood clots on his lungs. And then it was said that Bosh would miss the rest of the season. So, Miami gets one key player, but they lose another. However, Chris Bosh holds a higher importance on the team, not only because he is a ten time all-star, but because they have no one that they can insert in his place that will play as good as he can. So what now? Now, Dragic has a chance to truly show his talent. He will now have to show what he mean to this team. Will he be able to carry a huge load? For the Miami Heat, will they be able to stay in the playoff race? I don’t think so. The Miami Heat lost someone they can’t replace. His outside range as a power forward is not one that is common throughout people at the same position throughout the NBA. It will also be very hard to stay in seventh because of how close all the other teams in the eight, ninth, tenth, and eleventh seeds are. Especially because of the newly acquired talent by Detroit. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds for the Miami Heat. Can they survive, or will the loss of Bosh hurt them?


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