Why The Lakers are Screwed

The  Los Angeles Lakers are an extremely storied franchise and one of the best of all time. 16 championship banners, 31 conference championships, 23 hall of famers, etc. The Lakers have always achieved great success, and whenever they had a down year, always seemed to find a way to get back to the top. Nowadays, however, things aren’t looking too good for the purple and gold. The Lakers are coming off their worst season of all time, and are on pace to be even worse this year. It’s a terrible situation, and I don’t see it getting better any time soon. This is due to weak ownership, lack of interest to play in L.A, and tough competition.

Dr. Buss passed away a couple years ago, and his son Jim is, let’s just say, not the smartest. He tends to let personal issues with certain people get in the way of making the best basketball decisions possible. This was shown in the 2013 offseason when Phil Jackson, the most winningest NBA coach of all time, was interested in coaching the Lakers. For whatever reason, Jim and Phil have never seemed to get along. Bringing Phil in was the best decision, since he commands respect and bringing Phil would also lure in many free agents who are eager to play him. Also, the superstar of the Lakers, Kobe, was dying for Phil to come back and coach the team. Unfortunately, Jim decided that hiring Mike Dantoni, a coach who has never won a championship, was a better idea. On paper, the Lakers had the best team in basketball, and still barely made the playoffs. This was clearly due to the coaching, since Mr.Pringles wasn’t able to effectively use both Pau and Dwight. He also decided that a team with the 2 best inside players should focus on shooting from the outside. With all due respect, the dude sucked.

Due to the terrible state the Lakers are in right now, no one wants to play for us anymore. This is a new feeling to Lakers, since throughout NBA history we have been the key destination, everyone used to want to be a Laker. We had ample cap space last year to sign a big-name free agent, but no one signed. To make matters worse, Kobe is near retirement. Now the only chance of getting big-name players is through the draft, and we haven’t seen a player come in to the league and take his team to championship status since Magic did it back in the 80s.

Worst of all, the Western conference is more competitive than it’s been in years. Golden State, Memphis, Portland, Houston, Dallas, the Clippers, Phoenix, and New Orleans all are playing at an extremely high level and show no signs of slowing down. Each of these teams key pieces are in their primes, so most likely these teams will stay good for the next 3-5 years. The only young pieces the Lakers have are an injured Julius Randle and a spurradic Jordan Clarkson, will this be enough to take down the Lillards and Westbrooks of the world? Probably not.


We feel you Kobe, we feel you.


2 thoughts on “Why The Lakers are Screwed

  1. As a Lakers fan it’s sad to watch such a consistently winning team struggle for the past couple of seasons. Injuries have killed us, but so has the poor handling (in my opinion) of the team overall. The coaches haven’t fit well and it’s seems as though there are new starters every game. I just hope that Kobe goes out on a good note! Nice post! -Katherine

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  2. I have always loved the Lakers but lately they haven’t been playing very well and I am no longer excited or interested in sitting down to watch a full game. I wonder if Kobe Bryant will soon leave due to the team’s lack of success or if he will stay because he is getting paid a massive amount of money. Weather or not their increasing number of losses is because of a poor coach or poor players is still a mystery to me, but hopefully the Lakers will return to their former glory and give their fans something to cheer about.


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