Kyle Korver- The Artist

Kyle Korver, with Respect of Shooting Legends, on Way to Starting Historic Club

Picture by B/R

Kyle Korver is creating an art that no one has ever seen. He has kept his amazing talent to himself for so many years. However, he is ready to reveal the masterpiece this year for everyone to see. Kyle Korver, is on pace to being the first person to ever go for a 50-50-90. He is currently shooting 51.2% overall, 52.3% from the three, and 91.1% fro m the free throw line. As Ethan Skolnick says,”Shooting is a science, but also an art, and Kyle Korver has always appreciated the unique gifts of the other masters with magical wrists.” Kyle has been a bench player for two-thirds of his career. Now as he is put into the starting lineup for the Atlanta Hawks, he is shining and thriving. It is as if he has held it in until now. This may be one of the main reasons why the Atlanta Hawks are the number one team in the Eastern Conference and the number two team in the entire NBA. Despite all the amazing talent and superstars the league is filled with, no one has ever been able to accomplish what Kyle Korver is on pace to accomplish. The records have only been set with a 50-40-90. This dedication and perseverance only comes through the goal that Kyle Korver has, not to be the next someone but to be the first of his kind.


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