Julius Randle is the Next Franchise Player

A Season Lost, Julius Randle Readies His Mind and Body to Lead Lakers from Abyss

Photo by Noah Graham

Is Julius Randle the next franchise player for the Los Angeles Lakers? In the past NBA draft, Randle became the highest player to be selected in a draft by the Lakers in 32 years. Everyone on the team and fans were extremely hyped for the beginning of his career. However, in his first game, four months ago, his body failed on him and he broke his leg. When this happened, everyone was sure that this would take a negative toll on the rookie. However, he said, “If anything, it has built my level of belief.” Randle says that he has been writing down all his thoughts in a notebook. Also, he feels as if this has really helped clear out his plan for the future. This time off is not only for healing, it is for him to really understand how to better himself and better understand the game. Randle has still been active with the Lakers organization during his rehab. Kupchak said that he has told Julius Randle to write a report on every Lakers game, breaking up each quarter and analyzing it.

Randle says that he has been watching basketball all day. “I just sit there and watch games all day.” He puts himself into game situations while watching and tries to imagine what he would do if he were in the game. Kupchak has repeatedly praised Randle’s enthusiasm and single studying skills. He makes notes of all the players that play the same position as he does in the NBA. He wants to know how to attack them and defend them in the best way. He feels like he has become a better observer and analyst.

Will all his work pay off?…We will just have to wait and see!


Yeezus Walks.


A Million Hits and the Web Crashes, Damn.

Yesterday, Kanye crashed the Adidas servers as his Yeezy 750 Boosts were released online in the US and thousands of fans flocked to the site to try and cop a pair. Speaking as he returned to The Breakfast Club on Power 105 fm (below right), Yeezy said how he wanted the shoes to be a general release, so everyone could get their hands on them. However he said the company took the decision to make the shoes limited release in waves, to keep the hype up around themKanye on the Breakfast Club. The Yeezys themselves have received a mixed reception, as does everything Kanye West does. Like I said though, the main thing is that they’re selling like hot cakes.

Yeezy 750 Boosts

Kanye also revealed on the show how he and Drake had a ‘conversation’ about a joint project called ‘Wolves’ (which is actually the name of

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Why Kobe Bryant is One of the Greatest of All Times


Kobe Bean Bryant, now heading into his 20th NBA Season, is still at it. He proved the haters wrong and was ready for the NBA straight out of high school. He proved he could be relied on in big moments, time and time and time again (27 times to be exact). He proved he could win an NBA championship at the age of 22, and do it two more times in a row. He proved he could lead the least talented Laker teams of all time into the playoffs. He proved he could come back from losing to the Celtics, to winning two championships in a row.

Kobe Bryant has absolutely nothing left to prove. So is he calling it a career and hitting the golf ranges? Nope. At 36 years old, coming off of 3 season ending injuries, the man simply will not quit. This is what I love about Kobe Bryant, his competitive drive, his constant thirst for success. What separates Kobe from Micheal Jordan is this constant drive. Jordan wins 3 in a row, believes he has nothing left to prove, and retires in the prime of his career. If Jordan wanted to, he could’ve won 8 championships in a row, but he was satisfied with his 3. Kobe Bryant is never satisfied, always wanting to win more and always wanting to improve. Kobe will not give up, and this persistence has inspired many athletes all around the world.

Many critics feel Kobe is washed up and his days of dominance are over. They feel its futile to try and return to the league after 3 season ending injuries. Kobe tore his achilles in April, 2013. He comes back and tears his meniscus 8 games into the 2013-2014 season. The next year he comes back, playes ~20 games and tears his right shoulder rotator cuff. “Father time has caught up with the Black Mamba,” the critics are saying. Kobe hears what all the criticism being thrown his way, and the critics’ words are only adding fuel to his fire. He has been proving his critics wrong for about 18 years now, and will prove them wrong again next year. #GoLakers


What is the Source of Our Morals?

Morality is often a subject of debate between many. Is it embedded into us or do we learn it as we grow as individuals? Some believe that all of morality comes from religious inspirations.

I believe the morals of an individual partly come from the environment he/she is in and the experiences that they go through.

For example, a young child may see that their friends are littering on the sidewalk and that person would begin to think that it may not be as bad as he is taught. Later, that child may be scolded and/or punished by his parents and learn that the act of littering is not to be done and is wrong. This is an example of learning morals from experiences.

Alternatively, a boy growing up in Nazi Germany may be taught innumerably in school and at home about how the Jews were the root of Germany’s problems. He will eventually think of it as a moral obligation to help eradicate this population from his country or even the world. This is an example of how learning morals from the environment can be incorrect.

However, many things are learned as a result of common human suffering such as seeing another man die may make one think of murder as a crime worthy of severe punishment.

No one is born with every aspect of right or wrong. Some morals are understood rather quickly, yet others take time and experience to develop.

Thus, we can infer that every single person has some flawed ideals of morality just as humans have many other types of flaws.


Transformation Under New Leadership


During this last week in the NBA, we watched as the entire landscape of the NBA changed. 9% of all active players were on different teams by the time the trade deadline hit, comprising of 41 different players. While there are always the obvious trades like the Suns trading Goran Dragic to the Heat, since he had openly told the organization about his plans to leave in free agency during the summer. But then, right before the deadline, we were hit with a mind boggling trade between the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76’ers, and the Phoenix Suns occurred. The Bucks, in the midst of a breakout season that left them at double last year’s win total heading into the All-Star Break, traded away their starting point guard and the leader of their team Brandon Knight. In return, they received a young big man in Miles Plumlee to bolster up their weaker front court, a rookie point guard named Tyler Ennis, and their new starting point guard: Michael Carter-Williams. Coming off of a Rookie of the Year campaign, Carter-Williams seems to have great potential as he heads into the future with his new squad. His greatest asset, however, will be the tutelage he will receive from his coach, Jason Kidd. In his own time, Jason Kidd was a pass first point guard that could control the game amazingly and was an All-Star and future Hall of Famer. This new scene will be vastly different from his time spent in Philadelphia, where they played at breakneck speeds and chucked up shots with very little efficiency. This led to an inflation in Carter-Williams stats, but he also averaged over 4 turnovers per contest and an abysmal 44.1 TSP. As he gets acquainted into his new environment, he should be much more comfortable in the slowed down pace that should increase his efficiency and reduce his turnovers. He is already a strong defender, who will fight quite nicely into the Milwaukee system that they have, which seems to encourage a great amount of length among their players. As is evident with Knight, Kidd’s excellent leadership helps his players develop greatly. Before the trade, Knight was averaging career highs in assists, rebounds, shooting percentage, and three point percentage. All of these point to great promise for the development of Carter-Williams, as he grows with the rest of his young team. While the trade may have set them back for now, they hope it will help them take one giant leap forward in the future as they find their stride. And once they have a starting line-up of Carter-Williams, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jabari Parker leading the way, things will look very bright in Milwaukee.

Miami Hits Another Bump


Photo by Michael Tipton

The Miami Heat recently acquired Goran Dragic at the trade deadline from Miami. Miami was at the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference at the time of the trade. Everything was looking good. The Heat thought that this would be the final piece of the team to help them ascend in the Eastern Conference before playoff time. The line-up was set to be Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh, and Whiteside. However, Chris Bosh was admitted to the hospital on Thursday morning. After many tests, doctors found out that Chris Bosh had blood clots on his lungs. And then it was said that Bosh would miss the rest of the season. So, Miami gets one key player, but they lose another. However, Chris Bosh holds a higher importance on the team, not only because he is a ten time all-star, but because they have no one that they can insert in his place that will play as good as he can. So what now? Now, Dragic has a chance to truly show his talent. He will now have to show what he mean to this team. Will he be able to carry a huge load? For the Miami Heat, will they be able to stay in the playoff race? I don’t think so. The Miami Heat lost someone they can’t replace. His outside range as a power forward is not one that is common throughout people at the same position throughout the NBA. It will also be very hard to stay in seventh because of how close all the other teams in the eight, ninth, tenth, and eleventh seeds are. Especially because of the newly acquired talent by Detroit. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds for the Miami Heat. Can they survive, or will the loss of Bosh hurt them?