Sunset League Time!


Its an exciting time to be a high school basketball player. Sunset League has begun!! League is a one month period where high school teams play the other teams in their area, all in hopes of winning the league championship. 6 teams, all fighting for the same trophy. 9 months of hard work, to be the best you can be by the time league starts. Its a time where all your hard work pays off and you rise to championship status, or a time where you realize you never had a chance.

To explain how hard it is to win a League Championship, here’s a fact. Fountain Valley Varsity has only won one since 1996, and that was in 2013 (shodameyer was on that squad). Luckily, I play for JV and it isn’t as tough. We won our first league game against Marina on Friday, and I have high hopes we can win it all. We are the smallest team in our league, but I feel we have a very strong back-court and great team chemistry. This coming week will really show whether or not we have a chance, as we play the two powerhouses of Sunset, Los Al and Edison, on Wednesday and Friday. I’m confident in our ability and in the work we’ve put in. “#FVStandUp”-Shoda



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