The New Year

Happy New Year by bdtiger2000 - This is a glossy new years banner with balloons, confetti, & fireworks.

Picture by bdtiger2000

Happy New Year to everyone around the world. I wanted to talk about the new year. For me, the new year makes me reflect back on my life and see what I’ve done. Something I heard in a speech by a man named Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi really opened my eyes and made me think. He said, “Why do we celebrate the new year?” He said that the only thing that had changed for most people was just a digit in the year. Dr. Siddiqi  said that all the problems were still there, people were still suffering, and all the other horrific things were still happening. The only people that should celebrate a new year are those who are planning to change themselves for the better or are planning to do something to really help improve the world. Later at night, I began to ask myself if I was really changing my self for the better every year. I want to ask all of you the same question; are you doing something to benefit yourself or others every year? If not, we should all try to better ourselves in this world every year. Why not try to perfect ourselves; we are all blessed to be living year after year. Lets have a reason to celebrate our new year.

Thanks for reading!!

Hamza Ayub


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