Can the Thunder Turn it Around Any Time Soon?

Oklahoma City Thunder Turnaround Won't Happen Overnight


The Thunder have finally gotten back a healthy Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. But, the question that remains is whether or not the Thunder will be able to turn around their act this season in time to make a major impact in the western conference and make the playoffs. According to Zach Buckley, the Oklahoma City Thunder now need to figure out what each person’s role is on the team. This mainly affects the bench players who were plying major roles in the absence of the team’s stars. Buckley is right when he says that even if the Thunder don’t make the playoffs this year, they are fine. This team is filled with all the young players not making the playoffs would only help the team add a few assets through the draft and through free agency. The Oklahoma City Thunder will not have a turnaround in their play in the near future.

-Hamza Ayub


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