What is Food?

Picture by @ Salt ‘n’ Pepper UK

Hey guys, it’s Hamza again! I wanted to talk about the interesting idea of food today. What is food? Well, the literal definition is, “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.” WRONG !!! Well it isn’t completely wrong, but it sort of is. If you look in the dictionary, they miss out on the main definition of food. Food is really something that is a game, a stress reliever, a gift, an art, etc. If food was only a nutritious substance that helped us grow, it would be boring. Everyone would be eating the same thing around the world. However, food has so many meanings. For example, chefs are artists of food; they are curious to see what they can create with all the resources given to them. Food is beautiful. Food is used in times of happiness, sadness, and everything!! We don’t realize it, but we are so interested in food because food means something to us other than for its health reasons. Next time you pick up that sandwich, think about what it means to you.


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