How Do Music Artists Become Popular?

When I hear a hit song that has moral values whatsoever, I sometimes wonder how a song can become so popular.  I ask myself, do people even understand what the artist is saying?  For example, I recently started listening to “Rae Sremmurd,” the artists behind the songs “No Type” and “No Flex Zone.”  When I first heard both these songs, I immediately branded what I was hearing as absolute trash.

They don't think they are trash.

They don’t think they are trash.

But these guys aren’t completely trash!!! What they have to say does have negative moral implications, but they are able to gather such a great following because of the energy they bring into their music.  They bring a different style and a different attitude than everyone else and that is what allowed them to rise up the charts with their music.  This music group is just one example of how difference of style and passion in music really makes a difference in the amount of followers that you can gain.  I watched a “Breakfast Club” interview (The Breakfast Club is a radio show that interviews the biggest music artists in the rap game) and seeing what Rae Sremmurd had to say about their music and what the interviewers had to say about Rae Sremmurd was an epiphany for me.  Music isn’t always about message these days.  Music is about sound and about energy.  People look to music as an escape or as a way of expression.  Words do express ideas, but what can reach more people is how the words are said.  If a couple lines are said in a monotone voice, they won’t resonate very well with the general public, no matter how dope the lines are.  But if two wild kids are bouncing up and down dancing while saying those two lines, people feel the difference and enjoy the difference.

Ok, so you need to have a style.  But what if I’m an artist with a style that no one else has?  Why am I not big?  Well, the main reason is probably because you aren’t heard.  No one can love your music if they haven’t heard it.  Posting music to social medias isn’t enough to get found.  And to be honest, getting music found and becoming popular sometimes is a result of luck.  But there are things that artists can do to get their music out.  They could try spamming everyone on twitter, but that doesn’t really benefit anyone.  A targeted promotion of music is better.  Posting your link to people who have an interest in the type of music that you’re making is key.

These are just a few tips and reasons behind the popularity of musical artists in today’s modern music industry.



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