Multitasking vs. Efficiency


There are always multiple goals to shoot for. Multiple things that need improvement. One’s time is limited and can only be spent on a certain number of things. It is crucial to focus your time, effort, and energy into only a few things: the goals that are most important on your list.

Warren Buffett, a multibillionaire worth over $50 billion, advises his employees to use a 2-step plan to find what to put their focus and energy on.:

They were told to make a list of their top 25 career goals. Next, Buffett said to choose the 5 most important goals. It was then understood that one should get to work to achieve those top 5 goals and that the other 20 goals take second priority and can be dealt with only after the first 5 are achieved.

In terms of this blog, a list of goals needs to be made so that there are specific things to aim for. This way, there will be great accomplishment and success, as in all aspects of life.


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