What happens with when one superstar in the NBA struggles?


In this article, they focus on Carmelo Anthony who has been playing poorly in recent times and connect that with all of the Knicks problems. I think it’s interesting the way one person can affect the team. With basketball having five people on the court at all times, one person shouldn’t have a massive effect. But the biggest problem ends up being the lower people on the team looking up to their leader and seeing him struggle. If we in the US have a confident president who knows what he’s doing, we are safe and productive. However, if we end up with a president facing constant problems and losing battles, we lose hope and we begin to be lost. After the loss, Carmelo even admits “When I don’t play well, it trickles down to everybody else.” As a leader, he knows his role and it is vital that he fulfills his end of the bargain. Another potential problem with a leader can be that they are streaky. They can be on fire one day and then have nothing going the next day. The worst part is you can never know what to expect and you can’t really trust their performance. In order for the Knicks to have a chance this, Melo needs to step up as the leader and take charge of his team.Carmelo Anthony's Struggles Impair Knicks and Other Friday NBA Takeaways


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