Why Steve Kerr?


Hey guys, Mo here. In this article Stephen A. Smith uses facts to express his confusion for the amount of attention Steve Kerr got this summer. Steve has never coached an NBA game. There are several successful NBA coaches who are still on the market. Why are teams such as the Lakers, Jazz, Knicks, and Warriors looking at him as THE number one option? I was in agreement with all Mr. Smith had to say….until he pulled the race card. He suggests that if he was black he wouldn’t have all the options. “And oh, by the way, when has such an opportunity ever presented itself to any of his counterparts, especially blacks?”

I agree with Stephen A. Smith that Kerr getting all these job offers is ridiculous and unfair, but I completely disagree with his reasoning. I believe the main reason he has these opportunities is due to the fact that Phil Jackson was trying to hire him. Phil Jackson, the greatest coach of all time, wants him running the ship in New York, he must be a great coach! Jackson’s opinions are highly respected, which is why many organizations wants Kerr. I believe it had nothing to do with race, and if Jackson had the respect he he had for Kerr for another coach who happened to be African American, he would be pursued just as much as Kerr was.


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