What is Food?

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Hey guys, it’s Hamza again! I wanted to talk about the interesting idea of food today. What is food? Well, the literal definition is, “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.” WRONG !!! Well it isn’t completely wrong, but it sort of is. If you look in the dictionary, they miss out on the main definition of food. Food is really something that is a game, a stress reliever, a gift, an art, etc. If food was only a nutritious substance that helped us grow, it would be boring. Everyone would be eating the same thing around the world. However, food has so many meanings. For example, chefs are artists of food; they are curious to see what they can create with all the resources given to them. Food is beautiful. Food is used in times of happiness, sadness, and everything!! We don’t realize it, but we are so interested in food because food means something to us other than for its health reasons. Next time you pick up that sandwich, think about what it means to you.


How Do Music Artists Become Popular?

When I hear a hit song that has moral values whatsoever, I sometimes wonder how a song can become so popular.  I ask myself, do people even understand what the artist is saying?  For example, I recently started listening to “Rae Sremmurd,” the artists behind the songs “No Type” and “No Flex Zone.”  When I first heard both these songs, I immediately branded what I was hearing as absolute trash.

They don't think they are trash.

They don’t think they are trash.

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Cleveland Cavaliers and Their Lacklluster Defense

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Hey guys, it ‘s Hamza again! I wanted to talk about this article by Greg Swartz on Bleacher Report. I have to agree with Swartz when he says that the Cavaliers are struggling at the defensive end. It is shown statistically because they are allowing the second worst field goal percentage in the league at 49.0 percent. They are ranked 21st in the NBA because of points allowed at 101.4 points per game. This is what led to their 3-3 start in the season. The Cavaliers have one of the best players in the league at every position. However, none of the players are willing to commit defensively to a player to make a stop. Swartz talks about Lebron James and says, “LeBron James, typically an all-world defender, has at times looked disinterested during games, admitting to playing “a little passive” during losses to the New York Knicks and Portland Trail Blazers…” David Blatt even had to make a change in the starting lineups by, ” benching shooting guard Dion Waiters in favor of the defensive-minded Shawn Marion.” The Cavs need to actually start plying defense or they wont go to far in the rest of the season against these top notch teams that are in the West.

Multitasking vs. Efficiency


There are always multiple goals to shoot for. Multiple things that need improvement. One’s time is limited and can only be spent on a certain number of things. It is crucial to focus your time, effort, and energy into only a few things: the goals that are most important on your list.

Warren Buffett, a multibillionaire worth over $50 billion, advises his employees to use a 2-step plan to find what to put their focus and energy on.:

They were told to make a list of their top 25 career goals. Next, Buffett said to choose the 5 most important goals. It was then understood that one should get to work to achieve those top 5 goals and that the other 20 goals take second priority and can be dealt with only after the first 5 are achieved.

In terms of this blog, a list of goals needs to be made so that there are specific things to aim for. This way, there will be great accomplishment and success, as in all aspects of life.


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What happens with when one superstar in the NBA struggles?


In this article, they focus on Carmelo Anthony who has been playing poorly in recent times and connect that with all of the Knicks problems. I think it’s interesting the way one person can affect the team. With basketball having five people on the court at all times, one person shouldn’t have a massive effect. But the biggest problem ends up being the lower people on the team looking up to their leader and seeing him struggle. If we in the US have a confident president who knows what he’s doing, we are safe and productive. However, if we end up with a president facing constant problems and losing battles, we lose hope and we begin to be lost. After the loss, Carmelo even admits “When I don’t play well, it trickles down to everybody else.” As a leader, he knows his role and it is vital that he fulfills his end of the bargain. Another potential problem with a leader can be that they are streaky. They can be on fire one day and then have nothing going the next day. The worst part is you can never know what to expect and you can’t really trust their performance. In order for the Knicks to have a chance this, Melo needs to step up as the leader and take charge of his team.Carmelo Anthony's Struggles Impair Knicks and Other Friday NBA Takeaways

Why Steve Kerr?


Hey guys, Mo here. In this article Stephen A. Smith uses facts to express his confusion for the amount of attention Steve Kerr got this summer. Steve has never coached an NBA game. There are several successful NBA coaches who are still on the market. Why are teams such as the Lakers, Jazz, Knicks, and Warriors looking at him as THE number one option? I was in agreement with all Mr. Smith had to say….until he pulled the race card. He suggests that if he was black he wouldn’t have all the options. “And oh, by the way, when has such an opportunity ever presented itself to any of his counterparts, especially blacks?”

I agree with Stephen A. Smith that Kerr getting all these job offers is ridiculous and unfair, but I completely disagree with his reasoning. I believe the main reason he has these opportunities is due to the fact that Phil Jackson was trying to hire him. Phil Jackson, the greatest coach of all time, wants him running the ship in New York, he must be a great coach! Jackson’s opinions are highly respected, which is why many organizations wants Kerr. I believe it had nothing to do with race, and if Jackson had the respect he he had for Kerr for another coach who happened to be African American, he would be pursued just as much as Kerr was.