Will You Wait for Direction or Will You Take Action?

Hi, it’s Chris again.  As the manager of this Publishing House, I am supposed to have a clear idea on what I’m doing, right?

Wrong.  I actually have little to no idea as to who is going to be reading our posts, who wants to read our posts, and what we are supposed to be writing about.  But that’s not the point.  Well, I mean, it is the point, but I can’t stop writing even though I’m confused.  So, here we are.

I have a problem.  I’m waiting for direction.  I’m waiting for someone to tell me who is going to read these posts and who is going to put a value on our writings.  I need to focus my attention inwards.  I need to place a higher value on my own work than others.  I can’t let others determine the worth of my work.  I can’t have others tell me what to make my work about.  I need to take action instead of waiting for direction.  



As manager of this group, I challenge myself and my group members to break through the confusion and strive to find topics for exploration.  I challenge us to handle our own sovereignty with maturity instead of wining about being confused.  I am guilty of being a baby writer.  (I start wining when I don’t know what to do.)  Today is a great learning day for our group.  Be the manager of your own destiny.



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