Designer and Artist

desert reality artwork drawings - Wallpaper (#487504) /

Art by Victor Signoretti

Hi! My name is Hamza Ayub I assumed the role of being the designer and artist of this book. I love to doodle or draw in my free time. I have always loved to look at art and try to replicate it. In addition, I love to photograph nature and redraw monuments and tourist attractions around the world. I decided to take this role for this whole project because I decided why not do something that I love to do? I want  to make the book bright and appealing so that it catches everyone’s eye as soon as they see it. I really have two inspirations that led me to art and design; one is Disneyland and how the designing and art there puts you in a wonderland.The next is nature. Nature brings me back to art no matter what. That’s it about me! I hope to have an awesome experience and give you guys the best product!


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