Will You Wait for Direction or Will You Take Action?

Hi, it’s Chris again.  As the manager of this Publishing House, I am supposed to have a clear idea on what I’m doing, right?

Wrong.  I actually have little to no idea as to who is going to be reading our posts, who wants to read our posts, and what we are supposed to be writing about.  But that’s not the point.  Well, I mean, it is the point, but I can’t stop writing even though I’m confused.  So, here we are.

I have a problem.  I’m waiting for direction.  I’m waiting for someone to tell me who is going to read these posts and who is going to put a value on our writings.  I need to focus my attention inwards.  I need to place a higher value on my own work than others.  I can’t let others determine the worth of my work.  I can’t have others tell me what to make my work about.  I need to take action instead of waiting for direction.  



As manager of this group, I challenge myself and my group members to break through the confusion and strive to find topics for exploration.  I challenge us to handle our own sovereignty with maturity instead of wining about being confused.  I am guilty of being a baby writer.  (I start wining when I don’t know what to do.)  Today is a great learning day for our group.  Be the manager of your own destiny.




Hello. My name is Daniel and I have taken the role of documentarian. I will be documenting the process of writing, revising, and completing the novel. I also have a blog in which I write about commonly believed myths, current events, and other topics that interest me.


Here is an example of a blog post in which I discuss the habits that keep people from their goals.

Here, I reveal surprising facts about people that are very revered in society, showing that all people, even those considered perfect, make mistakes.

I am looking forward to help produce a great novel in documenting and sharing the process of revision.

Designer and Artist

desert reality artwork drawings - Wallpaper (#487504) / Wallbase.cc

Art by Victor Signoretti

Hi! My name is Hamza Ayub I assumed the role of being the designer and artist of this book. I love to doodle or draw in my free time. I have always loved to look at art and try to replicate it. In addition, I love to photograph nature and redraw monuments and tourist attractions around the world. I decided to take this role for this whole project because I decided why not do something that I love to do? I want  to make the book bright and appealing so that it catches everyone’s eye as soon as they see it. I really have two inspirations that led me to art and design; one is Disneyland and how the designing and art there puts you in a wonderland.The next is nature. Nature brings me back to art no matter what. That’s it about me! I hope to have an awesome experience and give you guys the best product!

Social Media, Webmaster

My role in our publishing group is Social Media and Webmaster. I chose to be Social Media and Webmaster because I love blogging and I enjoy designing websites. I’m really interested in performance basketball shoes and a website I like a lot is weartesters.com. The design inspires me, but also the content. It is updated daily with release information, and the comment section is very active, where any questions you have will be answered.


The Editor of PBandJ Publishing

My name is Ryan Hanson and I was chosen as the editor of our publishing house. I was chosen as the editor of our group because I have a good grasp on language and different ways to manipulate it to get a specific point across. Another factor that helps me as an editor is that I read a lot. I see many different kinds of styles and all the different effects it has on emotions. I have read a wide variety from Harry Potter, which is from the fantasy genre and has strong moral themes, to The Old Man and the Sea, with deep symbolism and more eloquent language. No matter what it is, I will like reading it.



I assumed the leadership position of manager in the PB&J Publishing house.  I consider myself a leader and an elevator and my inspiration comes from my coach Steve Schultz.  He guides me not only on the basketball court, but as well as in my life.  Because of this, I am a more confident leader and a happier person.  So far, our group is still very unsure of exactly what our objective is because this publishing house is new territory for me as well as the rest of my group.  To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be managing because we have yet to fully begin our assignment.  As the weeks pass on and I familiarize myself with our objective, I will fill you in on my role and what knowledge I have ascertained.


Photo used from Lisa Lavery’s post.